10/4/13: Jerry Brown Blows Up The Natural Family


October 4, 2013 -- For Immediate Release

Jerry Brown Blows Up The Natural Family
Signs Democrats' SB 274 permitting 3 or more legal parents

Sacramento, California -- Democrat California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a radical bill that would expand the number of legal parents a child could have, after vetoing a similar bill last year. President Randy Thomasson has issued the following statement on the Governor's Friday signing of SB 274 by homosexual activist state Senator Mark Leno:

"Now even the word 'parent' has lost its unique meaning in the law. SB 274 blows up the family unit by redefining 'natural parent' to mean 'a nonadoptive parent...whether biologically related to the child or not.' Governor Brown is contributing to the demise of family stability. Talk about the bad influence of government, or in this case, Democrat-run government, because this awful bill was pushed through by the majority Democrats. Talk about hypocrisy, when this same governor last year vetoed essentially the same bill.

"This is so unnecessary, because judges already have the duty and discretion to protect children and provide for their best interest. If both biological parents are neglectful or otherwise out of the picture, a judge should award custody to grandparents or other natural relatives, not create a 'third parent' out of thin air. Adoptions should also be made easier. But hard cases make bad law, and this bad bill sets a bad precedent. If three legal parents are OK, why not four or five or six legal parents? Can you imagine the conflicts this sets up in civil court, family court, probate court, and other arenas of battle?

"A biological parent is either the father who provided the human sperm or the mother who provided the human egg for God's miracle of procreation. If a biological parent abdicates his or her responsibilities for the child, an adoptive parent or custodial adult should take over and the current system provides for that.

"SB 274 creates law based on feelings, not law based on human responsibility. If non-parents can be awarded parental status, this will multiply the existing conflicts and caseloads in family court, and will confuse children all the more, with split families occurring at birth, rather than upon divorce.

"It's a shame that a hard case is being used to push for a bad law. The lesbian who claimed to be a mother when she was not is no justification for judges to invent a 'third parent,' which will only confuse children all the more.

"Children do best with a married father and mother under the same roof. The vast bulk of social science evidence demonstrates that children's health, education, and behavior are better in traditional father-mother households. In contrast, children raised in homosexual households have starkly different outcomes, with those children, as adults, experimenting with homosexually at a noticeably higher rate than children raised in traditional father-mother households. In lesbian households, girls also fornicate earlier and boys become emasculated." (Source: "Homosexual Parenting Studies Are Flawed, Report Says")

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