10/9/13: Jerry Brown Endangers More Women, Kills More Babies


October 9, 2013 -- For Immediate Release

Jerry Brown Endangers More Women, Kills More Babies
Signs bills OK'ing abortions by nurses, at walk-in clinics

Sacramento, California -- Democrat California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law two bills, AB 154 and AB 980, which are likely to significantly increase abortion deaths in California.

Randy Thomasson, president of, which promotes moral virtues for the common good, has issued the following statement:

"It is deathly wrong to kill more babies and injure more women by further decreasing safety standards for abortion. Jerry Brown and the Democrats have turned nurses into abortionists and walk-in clinics into killing centers.

"AB 154 allows nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurse midwives to do abortions by vacuuming apart young babies in the womb limb by limb. Abortion always kills the baby and often injures the mother both physically and emotionally.

"AB 980 removes the current requirements that babies in the womb can only be killed by abortion in a medically surgical and antiseptic setting, and expands abortions to walk-in clinics, possibly even in clinics embedded in drug stores."

"Brown and the Democrats are apparently devoted to torturously killing more babies in the womb, by having more abortionists kill more babies at more locations. Can you hear these babies' cries?"

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