11/17/11: Statement celebrating ruling permitting Prop. 8 defense

November 17, 2011 -- For Immediate Release

Statement Celebrating Ruling Permitting Prop. 8 Defense
Thomasson: 'A measure of sanity' and 'a no-brainer for these judges'

Sacramento, California -- In response to today's ruling of the California Supreme Court that proponents of Proposition 8 can indeed defend the 2008 California marriage amendment in federal court, President Randy Thomasson, who has been defending marriage licenses and marriage rights for 17 years, issued the following statement:

"This is a measure of sanity overcoming last year's nonsensical and biased ruling of homosexual Judge Vaughn Walker, who viciously attacked the sacred institution of man-woman marriage, arrogantly struck down the people's vote, and even denied the People of California the basic right to be represented in court.

"Whatever is written in the California Constitution is the ultimate authority within the State of California . The Constitution, the statutes, and the official oath of office make it abundantly clear that it is the duty of the Attorney General and the Governor to enforce and defend the California Constitution. The California Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled in favor of the procedural rights of voters. Obvious and normal courtroom jurisprudence has taught the members of the bench that justice always allows both sides to be represented. All things considered, this was a no-brainer for these judges, who, at their September hearing, indicated their displeasure with attorneys for homosexual activists trying to kill Prop. 8 by denying legal representation to its proponents.

"The question now is whether the federal appeals court -- made up of a liberal judicial activist, a liberal non-constructionist, and a conservative constructionist -- will hate real marriage and hate the People's vote as much as Judge Walker did. Either way, this case of whether sovereign states can define marriage is expected to end up at the U.S. Supreme Court. Why are we in this mess? This is what you get with politicians who are either partisan Democrats or liberal Republicans. Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, and Arnold Schwarzenegger lied in their oaths of office when they swore to 'support and defend' and 'bear true faith and allegiance to' the California Constitution, and then didn't do it."

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