7/19/13: commends Prop. 8 lawsuit by San Diego clerk


July 19, 2013 -- For Immediate Release

San Diego County Clerk Sues to Uphold Constitution and Prop. 8
Ernie Dronenburg commended for "true faith and allegiance" to California Constitution

Sacramento, California -- Randy Thomasson, president of, a leading pro-family organization that has been calling upon California county clerks to uphold the written Constitution, enforce Proposition 8, and cease issuing homosexual "marriage" licenses, has issued the following statement in response to San Diego County Clerk Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr. today filing a petition for an immediate temporary stay and writ of mandate asking the California Supreme Court to order Governor Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris to uphold Prop. 8, defining marriage as only between "a man and a woman."

Randy Thomasson's statement:

"Every clerk, as a county's statutory marriage officer, should keep his or her oath of office, stop breaking the written law, and faithfully uphold the state constitution by enforcing Prop. 8. The California Constitution, Article 3, Section 3.5, clearly prohibits any state law from being declared unenforceable or unconstitutional unless an appellate court has first issued a binding ruling. That hasn't occurred. What's more, the case construction of Judge Walker's 2010 ruling clearly limits these homosexual "marriages' to four individual plaintiffs, or at the most, to the two counties that were parties to the suit.

" commends Ernie Dronenburg for keeping his oath to 'support and defend' and 'bear true faith and allegiance' to the California Constitution. Every clerk should realize that these unnatural homosexual 'marriages' are completely illegal and unconstitutional, despite what tyrannical statewide officials or judges have opined. The written Constitution is the supreme law of the State of California and the foundation of our republic. Public servants who abide by the plainly-written constitution should not only to be applauded, but be supported; those who don't are unfaithful to the Constitution and derelict of duty."

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