AB 569: Oppose to protect liberties of religious institutions //


Defend the rights of churches and church schools


It's another bill against religious freedom by California’s Democrat politicians.

AB 569 by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (Democrat, San Diego-National City-Chula Vista-San Ysidro) prohibits churches, religious universities, religious schools, religious hospitals, religious business owners, and other religious institutions from upholding their religious beliefs on contraception, abortion, and sex outside of marriage.

Crossing the line into the sphere of religious values and religious freedom, AB 569 specifically prohibits employers from taking any “adverse” action against an employee’s “reproductive health care decisions," and requires employers to "include in the handbook notice of the employee rights" (of contraception, abortion, and sex outside marriage).

Under AB 569, children at church schools will be taught immorality: "Children, this is a Christian school where teachers are having unmarried sex and getting abortions. See how Christian we are -- these are your leaders and role models."

See how AB 569 is the big nose of the government poking itself where it doesn't belong? It's clearly unconstitutional because it violates the "free exercise" of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment. And AB 569 would set a terrible precedent.

As David French of National Review points out, AB 569 “would directly infringe on the rights of religious organizations to uphold and advance their principles and beliefs regarding sexuality and marriage … it prevents religious organizations (including colleges and schools) from imposing entirely normal and conventional rules of Christian conduct.” 

Do you have religious faith? Oppose AB 569. Especially if you're part of a church, a church school, a religious university, a religious hospital pr business you own. If you support religious freedom or know that abortion and sex outside of marriage is a bad role model for children, please oppose AB 569 now!

If you live IN California -- Call YOUR OWN California state senator and assemblymember who represents THE CALIFORNIA LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT WHERE YOU LIVE. Call anytime. Click here to find your legislators

WHAT TO SAY: Leave your message at both their State Capitol and district offices, saying, "I'm calling to urge (legislator's name) to oppose AB 569, which infringes on the religious beliefs of religious institutions. Defend the First Amendment. Vote no on AB 569 for the sake of preserving religious liberty."

Whether you live INSIDE or OUTSIDE of CALIFORNIA, call LEGISLATORS WHOSE VOTES MATTER. Just leave voicemail recordings AFTER HOURS -- from 7PM Pacific Time to 7AM Pacific Time Monday through Friday (or all day on weekends).

IMPORTANT: When calling, DO NOT reveal your phone number, name, city, or contact information (if you mistakenly do, they will likely disregard your call).

WHO TO CALL: Call as many Assembly Democrats as you can, as well as Republicans Catharine Baker and Brian Maienschein. Click here for an alphabetical list of all California Assembly Members (Democrats and Republicans).

Watch SaveCalifornia.com on CBN News exposing AB 569