Oppose AB 282 legalizing murder for profit in California


Oppose AB 282, which makes it legal to pressure suicide

Bill status: This bil legalizing murder by suicide is on the floor of the California State Senate and can be voted upon any time. AB 282 has already passed the State Assembly. 

In 2015, Democrat politicians in Sacramento legalized “assisted suicide.” There is no requirement for a witness at death, and no requirement to self-administer. What’s more, it permits forgery of a final attestation form and a false cause of death on a death certificate.
What's going on today:
Now, the Democrat politicians are pushing AB 282 (authored by Jones-Sawyer). This new bill would:
» Exempt from criminal prosecution "aiding, advising, or encouraging" physician-assisted suicide. In other words, a bad doctor or nurse can pressure you to die.
» Allow someone who could financially benefit from your death to actually sign an order giving you suicide pills. This allows murder for profit.
» Expressly exempts from criminal prosecution "aiding, advising, or encouraging" physician-assisted suicide.
Here's what the Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) says about AB 282:
The California legislature is considering legislation that would decriminalize "aiding, advising, and encouraging" physician-assisted suicide.
The bill’s authors allege that the bill is merely a “technical clean-up” to the Penal Code after the implementation of the "End of Life Option Act" in 2016.
In reality, AB 282 allows actions that the authors of the End of Life Option Act promised the public would not be permitted — namely placing pressure on vulnerable patients to prematurely end their lives.
Medical literature indicates that up to 77% of people diagnosed with a terminal illness suffer from major depression. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found a “statistically significant association between clinical depression and the desire for hastened death.” Under ABA 282, terminally ill patients—many of whom are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions—will be aided, advised, or encouraged to request and ingest a lethal prescription. Decriminalizing behavior that leads someone to be talked into committing suicide violates the State's obligation to protect people from self-harm.
The End of Life Option Act also permits a person who stands to benefit from the patient's death (such as a health care facility owner or beneficiary) to sign a patient’s request for aid-in-dying drugs. AB 282 would allow an "interested witness" to legally aid, advise, and encourage a patient to commit suicide—and sign off on the method of suicide—while gaining financially from the patient’s death.  

Call the Senate Public Safety Committee members.
Anyone can leave a voicemail for them during the evening hours without identifying yourself in any way, since most legislators reject phone calls and emails from outside their districts.

When you leave a voicemail, just say: "AB 282 allows murder for profit by permitting a person who could financially benefit from a patient's death to request the lethal dose of drugs. Oppose AB 282, which creates 'the perfect crime.'"

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