Protect California homeschoolers from AB 2756


Oppose AB 2756 -- Protect good homeschoolers

After David and Louise Turpin of Perris, California were arrested in January on charges of starving and chaining their children to their beds, Democrat politicians in the State Legislature brought out their "never let a crisis go to waste" weapon against good, quality, non-abusive homeschooling.

A dangerous new bill, AB 2756, has been introduced. This very bad bill would:
1. Give the State broad, new powers to force entry into homeschooling households without cause (under the guise of "fire inspectors")
2. Link these new home-entry powers to the State's liberal and subjective definitions of "abuse" and "neglect," in areas such as curriculum, chores, discipline, permitted foods/friends/entertainment, holiday practices, prayers, patriotism, you name it.
3. Connect whatever the State opines is "neglect" or "abuse" to the State's police power in order to trigger the arrest of parents and the taking of their children.
As the Home School Legal Defense Association explains: The bill is an attempt to give raw power to state officials to enter private homes of homeschoolers to "look around" to make sure the children are "safe." Government officials would be empowered to enter a home without a warrant, reasonable cause or consent. In other words, this is a clear violation of protections we have under both the federal and state constitutions.

Please call your California state assemblymember and your California state senator. Call both their local and State Capitol numbers, if you're able. (Calling is more effective than using their web forms.)
Leave your simple message, either live during business hours or after-hours via voicemail: "Take your hands off homeschooling. AB 2756 unfairly discriminates against homeschooling families. Vote NO on AB 2756."
To find the names and numbers of your 2 California state legislators:
1. First, look up their names by clicking here and entering your residence address (which will bring up the names of your state assemblymember and state senator).
2. Next, click here for phone numbers to your state assemblymember (scroll through the list by last name).
3. Then, click here for the phone numbers to your state senator (scroll through the list by last name)
Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to oppose this harmful bill.
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In Meyer v. Nebraska,1 the Court invalidated a state law which prohibited foreign language instruction for school children because the law did not "promote" education but rather "arbitrarily and unreasonably" interfered with "the natural duty of the parent to give his children education suitable to their station in life..." 2 The court chastened the legislature for attempting "materially to interfere with the power of parents to control the education of their own."This decision clearly affirmed that the Constitution protects the preferences of the parent in education over those of the State. In the same decision, the Supreme Court also recognized that the right of the parents to delegate their authority to a teacher in order to instruct their children was protected within the liberty of the Fourteenth Amendment. Furthermore, the Court emphasized, "The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees the right of the individual ... to establish a home and bring up children, to worship God according to his own conscience."