How government schools harm children and how to rescue your kids


How government schools harm kids and how to intervene

How are government schools dumbing down and immorally indoctrinating children? What are the solutions? Randy Thomasson, President, and Colin Gunn, director and star of the movie "IndoctriNation" addressed these questions and more on Napa public access cable TV, hosted by local residents, on March 12, 2012.

WATCH: Click the image below to see this stimulating 1-hour Napa TV show.

NOTE: Please overlook the green hues around the panelists' heads, which is due to the TV station's improper lighting of a green screen. Green screens allow stations to display a different background design via computer.


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Napa TV show highlights:

During the program, Randy Thomasson said, "We're getting out the word to people who still have a conscience, who have an intact conscience, who believe that there are still some right things and wrong things, and that's not just based on feelings, but it's based on some long-held true standards. And in the case of Colin Gunn coming to Northern California, our organization is partnering with others to try to bring his message forward, which has been our message for the last four years, which is, the government schools that you went to as a child are not the government schools today."

Colin Gunn said, "Our desire when we went on this tour was to find out where do the public schools come from. And so it's very revealing when you dig back even into the 1800's. You know, conservatives that say 'Let's go back to the 50's, or go back a little bit further, and everything's going to be fine' -- we actually go and dig around in the very foundation of public education. There were some fairly wicked men who had another plan for America than what existed."