4/19/18: AB 2943 attacking choice and speech passes California Assembly


April 19, 2018 -- For Immediate Release

AB 2943 attacking choice and speech passes California Assembly

Sacramento, California (April 19, 2018) – The passage of a controversial ban on gender confusion counseling and speech in California (AB 2943) has prompted the comment of Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, a leading pro-family organization.

"How can any legislator voting for this call themselves pro-choice when they've voted to wipe out a person's own choice of a counselor?" Thomasson asked. "How can any legislator voting for AB 2943 say they support religious freedom when they've just threatened church bookstores that sell self-help books about overcoming unwanted same-sex desires? AB 2943 is anti-free-speech, anti-religious-freedom, anti-free-choice, and has no place in a free society. This intolerant bill contains no exemption and no protection at all for religious entities."

Thomasson also took issue with the Democrat author of AB 2943, who claims counseling to overcome same-sex attraction is somehow "harmful." "There are lots of people who've had gender confusion counseling and are a lot happier afterward," he said. "If Evan Low is so concerned about harm, he'd oppose the unhealthy homosexual and transsexual agenda, which has the highest HIV/AIDS transmission rate in our state and nation. How come the 'LGBTIQ' agenda encourages young people to question their heterosexuality, but is against anyone questioning their homosexuality? This freedom-robbing bill is unconstitutional on its face."

"Next time any of these anti-freedom legislators choose a personal or marriage counselor, let them be reminded what hypocrites they are for denying other people their own choice of a counselor," Thomasson concluded.


No exemption for church bookstores
Homosexuality is unhealthy
Transsexuality is biologically impossible
Transsexuality is harmful

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