6/1/17: California Senate Democrats OK easy-in/easy-out gender identity fraud


June 1, 2017 -- For Immediate Release

California Senate Democrats OK easy-in/easy-out gender identity fraud
Thomasson: "This utterly subjective 'nonbinary' option is a fraudster's dream"

Sacramento, California (June 1, 2017) -- The ruling Democrats in the California State Senate have passed a radical bill opening the door to increased identity fraud. SB 179 creates a subjectively-defined, catch-all "third gender" called "nonbinary" and eliminates all current standards for gender-change verification.

The May 31 vote on SB 179 in the 40-member California Senate was 26 yes, 12 no. Only Democrats voted "aye."

The main changes SB 179 would make to the law are as follows:

  • Current California state law requires verification from a licensed physician and court approval before anyone's sex can be changed on a birth certificate. But SB 179 eliminates these verification standards and instead requires the State to issue a new birth certificate to anyone who simply pays $11 and files a state form claiming they're now male, female, or "nonbinary."

  • Current law requires a verified gender-change petition to be filed with the county court where the petitioner resides for the judgment of the court. But SB 179 permits any adult to demand that their gender be changed to male, female, or "nonbinary" in any of California's 58 counties and requires that "the petitioner's affidavit shall be accepted as conclusive proof of gender change" and that "the court shall grant the petition without a hearing."

  • Current law requires the California Department of Motor Vehicles to determine who is lawfully entitled to any changes on a driver's license or California Identification Card, including gender change. But SB 179 eliminates all legal standards and logic by forcing DMV to accept, without question, any "gender choice" of an applicant.

"This utterly subjective 'nonbinary' option is a fraudster's dream," said Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, which upholds moral virtues for the common good. "SB 179 would increase identity fraud in California by making it harder for financial institutions, police and courts to determine that you really are who you say you are."

"Imagine the hardship this would cause for police and courts," Thomasson said. "Picture the arrest of a biological male whose driver's license says 'female' but he still looks male, or a biological woman whose license says 'male' but she still appears female. Or someone whose driver's license says 'nonbinary,' but they dress as a man one day and as a woman the other. How many cases will be tossed because criminals use SB 179 to claim they're not technically the person who was charged?"

"And if one's sex can be officially 'changed' by simply -- even repeatedly -- filing an $11 form with the state government," Thomasson said, "it's going to be a lot harder to accurately identify 'nonbinary' accused criminals in open court. Proper verification always involves a third party, yet SB 179 magically transforms a subjective, unsubstantiated claim into 'conclusive proof' in the eyes of the law."

"Any legislator who's against identity fraud should oppose SB 179, and Governor Brown ought to ready his veto pen," Thomasson concluded. "The gender identity fraud that this bill would usher in is the antithesis of law and order."

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SaveCalifornia.com is a leading West Coast nonprofit, nonpartisan organization standing strong for moral virtues for the common good. We represent children and families in the areas of marriage and family, parental rights, the sanctity of human life, religious freedom, financial freedom, and back-to-basics education.



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