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Thank you for standing strong for your values with -- working for you since 1999. This Action page features alerts, links, and helpful information. Plus, you can view the outcome of some past key California bills.


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Action Alerts on this page:

1. Participate in peaceful, patriotic, constitutional, reopen California events
2. Petition to Recall Governor Gavin Newsom
3. Do not defund our police protection -- Contact your city council members
4. Urge your sheriff to promise he won't punish your liberties
5. Fully reopen California now -- Contact your own county supervisor

1. Upcoming California Peaceful Events

With California small businesses continuing to be unconstitutionally targeted for demise by Gavin Newsom and many local politicians, citizens are peacefully standing at "ReOpen California" events and gatherings.

These are independent events organized by local citizens and are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Attend at your own discretion. Events subject to change without notice. We're updating this page as we hear about new events. Check back soon. 

You can support families in your community by exercising your constitutional right to peacefully protest lockdowns and stand for reopening California. You can bring a friend and easy-to-read signs, banners, and U.S. flags to let your voice and values be seen and heard. 


La Verne, Friday, January 15 @ 4 p.m. flyer
Wheeler Avenue and Foothill Boulevard map
"Let Them Play Rally: Student-athletes and parents stand up for sports together"

Also happening in dozens of other communities at same time -- see more info:

Alcalanes High School; Alhambra HS; Amador HS, Pleasanton; Bella Vista HS, Orangevale; Bonita Vista High School; Branham HS, San Jose; Brea Olinda HS; Brentwood, Downtown City Park (liberty HS district); Bullard HS, Fresno; California HS, San Ramon; Campolindo Capistrano Valley HS; Carlsbad High School; Cathedral Catholic High School; Casa Roble, Oangevale; Centennial HS (corona, santiago, eastvale, norco); Chaparal HS, Temecula; Chino Hills; Citrus Valley HS, Redlands; Clairemont HS, San Diego; Clovis (Fresno County health office); College Park HS, Pleasant Hill; Colusa County; Corona del mar HS, Newport Beach; Cypress HS; De La Salle; Del Campo, Fair Oaks; Del Norte HS, San Diego; Dougherty Valley HS, San Ramon; Dublin HS, Dublin; Eastlake HS; Edison High School, Huntington Beach; El Camino HS, Sacramento; El Toro HS; El Dorado HS, Placentia; Fallbrook High School; Ferndale; Foothills High School; Fountain Valley High School; Fullerton Union HS; Granite Bay; Granite Hills High/El Cajon; Half Moon Bay High school; Hamilton HS, Hamilton City; Hart HS, Santa Clarita; Hughson High School; Huntington Beach High School; Imperial Valley (courthouse); Kimball High School; La Costa Canyon High School; Laguna Hills HS; La Verne (San dimas, glendora, clairemont & private); Lake County School District (all schools); Los Banos (pacheco park); Livermore (Granada Hills HS & Livermore HS); Madison HS, San Diego; Manteca; Marina High School; Mariposa High School; Mesa Verde, citrus heights; Mission Hills High School; MIra Loma, Sacramento; Miramonte High School; MIssion viejo; Modesto; Monte Vista High School; Mt Carmel High School; Murrieta Mesa HS; Murrietta Valley; Oakdale High school; Oak Ridge HS, El Dorado Hills; Oceanside schools; Ocean View High School; Orland High School; Palos Verdes; Pioneer HS, San Jose; Pleasant Valley HS, Chico; Point Loma HS; Poway High School, San Diego; Ramona High School, Ramona; Rancho Bernardo HS, San Diego; Rancho Cucamonga; Rio Americano, Sacramento; Ripon High School; Reedley; Rocklin; Sacramento County (meet at sunrise & greenback); San Juan, Citrus Heights; San Juan Hills High School, San Juan Capistrano; San Marcos High School; San Mateo City Hall; San Mateo Central Park; San Ramon Valley HS, Danville; Sanger; Santa Barbara County Courthouse; Santa Clara City Hall; Santa Margarita Catholic / South OC; Saugus High School; Sequoia Unions HS district, San Mateo County (Sequoia HS); Scripps Ranch High School; Shasta County (Enterprise HS, Redding); Siskiyou county; St. John Bosco High School; Sunny Hills HS, Fullerton; Sweetwater Union High School District; Tehachapi High School; Tehama County; Temecula Valley; Templeton HS, Templeton; Tesoro Hills High School, Rancho Santa Margarita; Torrey Pines HS, San Diego; Trabucco Hills High School, Mission Viejo; Tracy High School; Trinity HS, Weaverville; Troy HS, Fullerton; Turlock (all schools); Vacaville HS; Valencia; Valley Center HS; Vista High School; Vista Murrietta High School; West Valley High School; Westminster High School; Westview High School, San Diego; Wilcox HS, Santa Clara; Willows; Windsor HS; Yosemite HS Oakhurst; Yucaipa High School


Livermore, Saturday, January 16 @ 11 a. m. flyer 
29 South Livermore Avenue map 
"Give Me Liberty Rally"

Beverly Hills, Saturday, January 16 CANCELLED 

Huntington Beach, Saturday, January 16 CANCELLED


La Verne, Tuesday, January 19 @ 4 p.m. - 9 p.m. flyer 
City Hall, 3660 D Street
"Protest during the La Verne City Council meeting: Defy the stay-at-home order"

* * *

2. Petitions circulating to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, Campaign for Children and Families, provides the following solely for educational purposes and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

Many Californians want Governor Gavin Newsom to face a recall election in 2021. His tyrannical, unconstitutional actions this year alone are reason citizens are taking immediate action and signing the official "Recall Newsom" petition. The new deadline to collect enough signatures is March 17, 2021.

Citizens watched last year's recall attempts fall way short of signatures. However, 83% of the signatures collected were valid; but these were fewer than 1/5 of the required valid signatures.

WIth this current third attempt, there is more coordination and volunteerism. On January 7, 2021, the recall campaign said it had collected 1,000,000 raw signatures. With an 80% validity rate, 1.87 total raw signatures are needed to produce the 1.5 million valid signatures required to qualify for the ballot.

To increase your chances of validity, we suggest you sign the petition in person. Visit the RecallGavin2020 website and click "County Info" to find a location near you.

If you print the petition from home, you'll need to use regular, white, 8 1/2" x 11" paper, and make sure there is at least a 1-inch margin at the top and at least a half-inch at the bottom. You'll also need to properly fill out your signature portion as well as the circulator portion, whether or not you collect signatures from others.

* * *

3. Demand a police force! Lobby your city councilmembers

The left-wing group "Black Lives Matter" and their Democrat politicians actually want to defund and dismantle local police departments. They're working hard right now to eliminate the safety that you, your family, and your community desperately need! 

And it's all based upon the big lie of a "genocide," an "epidemic" of police "hunting down" unarmed black men, which is a fact-free assertion you can learn about on our blog.

Yes, you should be very concerned about this threat.

The criminal element is encouraged that your city could soon be theirs. Because having no police to call for help means you, your children, your family, businesses, and schools will be at TOTAL RISK and FULLY VULNERABLE to criminal attack. Already, more than a dozen big cities are considering defunding their police force. What a threat to families!

ACT NOW: Call and email your own city councilmembers

How to find them: Search online under your city's name and "city council," then on your city council's page, find the councilmembers page or pages, with their contact information.

What to say: Use your own words. Or you can say something like, "Keep our police and keep all funding! This community and our families need 100% police protection." Or, "Don't you dare eliminate our police and let criminals run rampant!" Or, "Keep our police fully funded. If you try to get rid of our police, the voters will get rid of you." 

* * *

4. Urge your sheriff to promise he won't punish your liberties

Fight for liberty by contacting your California county sheriff. Since there's no evidence the general public is protected by lockdowns, masks, or social distancing, is looking to the more "grounded in reality" sheriffs for relief from this oppression. As you know, sheriffs aren't appointed, but are independently elected. has written the following message you can send to your county sheriff:

"Based on both science and people's basic rights, please announce that your sheriff's department will not cite or otherwise punish anyone for fully opening their business or declining to wear a face mask. Please join other sheriffs who have taken public stands to promise the public that their basic liberties will be protected. People's livelihoods and constitutional rights are at stake. Californians exercising their rights to work, earn, own, shop, play, and fellowship need to see and hear your assurance that you won't come after them, but will go after real criminals. Please make and announce your clear policy of not punishing businesses that reopen or individuals not wearing a face mask. Thank you."

How to send your message:

1. Find your county sheriff's website here
2. Search the site to locate your sheriff's email address or web form
3. Paste your message into your email program or into the web form, and send
(If you'd like to email sheriffs of other counties, that's helpful and strategic, but can only be accomplished with an email address, where you don't reveal your name, county, or contact information, since most local officials only care about their own constituents' opinions.)

* * *

5. Tell your own county supervisor to fully reopen now

Please help more counties end their lockdown and motivate Newsom to end his sooner. Copy and paste's message to send to your own county supervisor. 


1. Click this link
2. Find your county name
3. Click your county government url 
4. Once on your county government's main site, click supervisors
5. Find the contact form of your own or all 5 supervisors
6. Copy and paste the suggested message below into Notepad, then copy and paste the suggested message into the contact form as your own message, then send to each supervisor you wish.

I strongly urge you to immediately and fully end this harmful, unnecessary lockdown, as Placer County has done. A continued lockdown of schoolchildren and the working-age population makes no sense when the COVID-19 recovery rate for Americans ages 69 and below is 99.5% (, and when COVID-19 patient and death counts can or are being fraudulently padded ( and People are being financially destroyed. Attempted suicide, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and child abuse are all going up. Please put a stop to this and don't hide behind your appointed health officer. You represent us and need to protect our livelihoods. Fully lift the lockdown now, so everyone can get back to school and work right away.

* * *

2020 California Legislation 

The radical Left at the State Capitol have introduced more terrible bills in 2020 that would harm children and families. See the key bills we're following. Visit the Legislative Center.


2019 California Bills Outcome

Action CaliforniaLegislation 50x50 See the outcome of the worst anti-family bills of 2019, authored by Democrat state legislators and sponsored by Planned Parenthood abortionists, Big Pharma, and "LGBT" activists. Visit the Legislative Center.


School Indoctrination: New 2020 law (plus 10 others) 

Understand the real battle going on for the minds, hearts, bodies, and souls of your children in the government-controlled public school system. No parent should be in the dark. School Indoctrination Center » »

Truth & Freedom: It matters that people are not born 'gay'

"LGBT civil rights" laws have severely infringed upon the constitutional rights and religious freedom of those who disagree, punishing dissent. All people are valuable. But nobody is born 'gay'. Facts + why it matters »

Participate: Be Salt and Light in Your Church and Community

A big mistake of churches has been to drop out of the government process. Yet government and laws imact morality, religious freedom, parental rights & more! Be a light for God’s values. Start a Salt and Light Council »


More Alerts:

Protect your own life: Get the pro-life will-to-live »
Union employees:
How to resign from the union to stop funding anti-family values


2018 Legislative Results

Here's the results of top bills we opposed in the 2018 California legislative season. There were victories to celebrate!

Voting Record: 77 legislators who voted for AB 2943 

It was a victory that the unconstitutional AB 2943, was shelved in 2018. But which California state legislators (75 Dems, 2 Repubs) wanted to outlaw gender confusion counseling for adults? See the votes »

Shelved: AB 2943 adult gender confusion counseling

The unconstitutional AB 2943 would have outlawed gender confusion counseling for adults, and penalized churches, pastors, and para-ministries. Voting records » | The story »  |  About AB 2943 »

Vetoed: SB 320 forces colleges to provide abortion pills

This atrocious Democrat-pushed bill would have provided college girls, as young as 18 or 19, dangerous abortion drugs that cause bleeding similar to a miscarriage. Read about the veto »

Signed: AB 282 permits legal murder by 'suicide'

This bill allows a doctor or nurse to "aid," "advise," and "encourage" you to take suicide pills. And AB 282 lets a relative who could financially benefit from your death to sign an order giving you suicide pills. Our response »

Vetoed: AB 2153 forces indoctrination of teachers, students

This bill would have require every California public school teacher (via in-service training) to support, as stated in the bill language, "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning pupils.” Read about the veto »

Stopped: Anti-homeschooling bills stopped

Two bills dangerous to homeschoolers -- AB 2926 and AB 2756 -- were stopped in the California State Assembly Education Committe on April 25. Thank you to all who helped oppose these bills. How the bills died »


2017 Legislative Results

Here's the results of the top 5 bills we opposed in the 2017 California legislative season.

SB 219 was SIGNED -- Forces all California long-term care facilities to submit to the tyrannical transsexual agenda, without limit.
More in our 10/4/17 News Release »

SB 179 was SIGNED -- Adds a catch-all 3rd "gender" ("non-binary") to California drivers licenses.
More in our 10/16/17 News Release »

AB 569 was VETOED -- Would have forced religious schools to be pro-abortion.
More in our 10/16/17 News Release » 

SB 18 / SCR 41 was shelved in April. SB 18 would have codified a radical, anti-parent notion known as "children's rights," meaning liberal politicians would have become the de facto parent in cases per the recommendation of a state commission. More » 

SB 309 -- State-issued pro-abortion license plates. On September 1, this bill, apparently for financial reasons, was "held under submission" (in other words, "shelved"). More »


2016 Legislative Results

Two of the most notable bills in the 2016 California legislative season were SB 1146 and AB 1732. The results are below.

Signed: SB 1146 initiates State control over religion

Action SB1146 ReligFreedom 54x50 Gov. Jerry Brown has signed SB 1146, which initiates State control over religion by placing the State in a new role of judging religious matters on religious property. Understand why you should be concerned »

Signed: Brown signs transsexual bathroom signs bill

On Sept. 29, 2016, Jerry Brown signed AB 1732, tearing down 'men' and 'women' signs and replacing them with pro-transgender 'all gender' signs at single-occupancy restrooms. Why it's wrong»