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1. Don't consent to be injected with an experimental biological agent before you see this fact-filled video, showing you what Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Media, and Big Tech are hiding from you

2. With uber-liberal Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom approving and creating within his administration a never-before-done State of California digital “vaccine verification” tool, RESIST this dehumanizing, unfair discrimination and segregation of society. See how

3. Urge 7 top airlines to give up their idea of "vaccine passports." Send them our pre-written message

4. Rescue your child from the non-academic, dysfunctional, godless government schools

5. Fight for America -- your free speech and election integrity -- in all 50 states

Upcoming California Rallies, Protests, Events

Live in Los Angeles County? See locations for signing the petition to place on the ballot the recall of pro-criminal District Attorney George Gascon.


Los Angeles County -- Sunday, July 18 @ 12:00am (starts first minute of the day)
Do not comply with the "order" from the unelected "public health officer." Don't wear a dehumanizing mask anywhere or require anyone else to wear a useless mask.
See L.A. County's tyrannical, unscientific graphic 

Downtown Los Angeles -- Saturday, July 17 @ 10am to 2pm
Rally to "stand in solidarity with Cuba" (support those revolting against communism) flyer 
Outside the Wilshire federal building, 11000 Wilshire Boulevard

Inglewood, Torrance, Glendale, Rowland Heights -- Saturday, July 17 @ various times
Sign the petition to place the George Gascon recall on the ballot signing locations 

Goleta -- Saturday, July 17 @ 10am
Patriotic "Cruise Through The 805" flyer
Staging area: 7127 Hollister Avenue

Laguna Hills -- Saturday, July 17 @ 1pm to 3pm
"Immigration Townhall: The Need for a Moratorium" flyer 
Coco's, 23000 Lake Forest Drive

Beverly Hills -- Saturday, July 17 @ 3pm to 6pm (march at 5pm)
"Freedom Rally Protest" against mask mandates, vaccine passports, and other big government tyranny flyer 
Beverly Gardens Park, 9439 Santa Monica Boulevard

Huntington Beach -- Saturday, July 17 @ 3pm to 6pm
"America First Rally" flyer
Huntington Beach Pier

-- Updated July 17, 1:30pm

It was re-scheduled for Anaheim on 7/17/21 -- BUT CANCELLED AGAIN. That's a 3x "cancel culture" attack on real Americans who were set to peacefully gather with real Americans. Cancelled 1st by Laguna Hills, then cancelled by Riverside Co., then cancelled by Anaheim.

CANCELED Riverside -- Saturday, July 17 @ 7pm (doors open 6pm)
America First Rally with U.S. Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz
You must register for free tickets for this 3,000 capacity event
Riverside Convention Center, 3637 5th Street


Stockton -- Wednesday, July 21 @ 12noon to 5pm
"Who is going to speak up for our kids and tell them no masks?" flyer
San Joaquin County Board of Education, Nelson Administration Center (board room), 2922 Transworld Drive


Phoenix, Arizona -- Saturday, July 24 @ 9am to 5pm
"Rally to protect our elections" with President Trump more info
Arizona Federal Theatre, 400 W. Washington Street

Santa Monica -- Saturday, July 24 @ 12noon to 4pm
"Worldwide Rally for Freedom 3.0" flyer
Santa Monica Pier

Santa Barbara -- Saturday, July 24 @ 12 noon
"Worldwide Rally for Freedom" flyer
Meet at Stearns Wharf

Sacramento -- Saturday, July 24 @ 11am to 3pm
"Worldwide Rally for Freedom 3.0" flyer 
West side of Capitol Building (10th Street and Capitol Mall)


Modesto -- Monday, July 26 @ 6pm
Opportunity to provide evidence against masks, test, jabs flyer
Board of Education Board Room, 425 Locust Street

Fountain Valley -- Monday, July 26 @ 7pm
"Patriots For Liberty Uncompromised" information and training meeting flyer
Center at Founders Village, 17967 Bushard Street


Santa Ana -- Tuesday, July 27 @ 8:30am (board meeting begins 9:30am)
Fight against vaccination digital verification flyer  | board info
333 W. Santa Ana Boulevard, 10 Civic Center Plaza


Sacramento -- Saturday, September 25 @ 12noon
"Jericho Walk praying for our nation" flyer
Outside the State Capitol (information forthcoming on which side)


2021 California Legislation 

The Radical Left at the State Capitol (3/4ths Democrat control) are pushing terrible bills. See what we're tracking on your behalf. Visit the SaveCalifornia.com Legislation Center.


School Indoctrination: 'LGBTQIA+' laws targeting children

Understand the real battle going on for the minds, hearts, bodies, and souls of your children in the government-controlled public school system. No parent should be in the dark. California Indoctrination Center » »

Follow the Science: Is anyone 'born gay'?

"LGBTQIA+" laws have severely infringed upon the constitutional rights and religious freedom of those who disagree, punishing dissent. All people are valuable, but where's the so-called "gay gene"? Facts + why it matters »

Participate: Be salt and light in your church and community

A big mistake of churches has been to drop out of the government process. Yet government and laws imact morality, religious freedom, parental rights & more! Be a light for God’s values. Start a Salt and Light Council »


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