6/27/11: California pro-family leader on violent video ruling

June 27, 2011 -- For Immediate Release

California Pro-Family Leader on Violent Video Ruling
Thomasson: "This horrible decision is a disturbing wake-up call for parents"

Sacramento, California -- SaveCalifornia.com, a leading California pro-family organization, is appalled at the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling today striking down the 2005 California law that prohibited minors from buying or renting violent video games.

"This ruling degrades our Constitution and our culture," said Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, which promotes moral virtues for the common good. "The majority of justices imposed their own views, instead of following the written words of the U.S. Constitution. The origins of the First Amendment show there is no free-speech right for minors. And there is nothing in the Constitution to prevent sovereign states from protecting minors from harmful content, whether it is sexual or violent. The justices are claiming 'tradition,' which, in this case, is imposing their own views and values. Yet they've forgotten that children are highly influenced by interactive games, which train their minds and bodies. Is Clarence Thomas now the only strict constructionist on the nation's high court? Unless the California Legislature writes and passes a narrower law, children unprotected by their parents won't have any state protection either."

"This horrible decision is a disturbing wake-up call for parents," Thomasson said. "Getting pleasure from violent fantasies makes boys think violent thoughts. Fathers and mothers must find and dispose of any video games that have violent or sexual content. You will never get another chance with your children, because they're growing up fast. You've got to courageously shepherd your children with God's wisdom. Parents must act decisively to protect and correct them from this filth, because judicial activists have opened up a sewer of violence spewing into your home."

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