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Welcome to your California Election Center

2022 is a big election year in California!

As we near the first day of voting in the June 7 primary election, this page will be updated to serve you with facts and perspective to help you vote with confidence.

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California Recall Election 2021

See election "results" from the California Secretary of State

Important 2021 Dates:

September 14: Last day to vote in person, or mail or deliver your ballot.
October 6: Deadline for counties to notify voters of "signature mismatches."
October 12: Deadline for voters to "verify signatures in the case of a mismatch."
October 22: Last day for the Secretary of State to certify election results.

Note on "recall math": If a majority of California voters recall Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom (by voting "yes" on Question 1), the candidate winning the most votes on Question 2 will be elected governor. If conservative voters do not unite behind a leading conservative candidate, conservatives' votes will be split, increasing the chances of a liberal "Republican" or Democrat to win. Read Randy Thomasson's blog, "Will Gavin Newsom be replaced by another Democrat?"

SaveCalifornia.com provides this solely for educational purposes and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

1. Click: See SaveCalifornia.com Recall Election Report Card
(as updated September 7, 2021)

See where 5 Republican front-runners stand on ending dehumanizing mandates, vetoing bad bills, advocating for pro-parent schools, opposing government money grabs, securing the border, fighting harmful drugs, and ensuring convicted murderers never murder again. See the Recall Election Report Card (PDF).

2. See Documentation of Candidates' Public Policy Positions

John Cox
Larry Elder
Kevin Faulconer 
Caitlyn Jenner
Kevin Kiley

3. Important Updates

September 10: Based on a key concern of parents that's come up in the Sacramento and San Francisco debates -- whether to permit government-school districts to continue imposing mask mandates on children -- SaveCalifornia.com has updated the report cards of John Cox, Larry Elder, Kevin Faulconer, Caitlyn Jenner, and Kevin Kiley. We have also removed the report card of Doug Ose, who dropped out of the race August 17.

September 8: Both recall supporters and opponents say the election outcome depends on voter turnout before the September 14 voting deadline.

September 7: Circulating on social media are these slides urging the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. The facts on the slides are accurate, and we present them to you solely for educational purposes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

September 3: The last several polls show Larry Elder is the Republican front-runner on Question 2. Some polls also show Democrat Kevin Paffrath nipping at his heels.

August 24: VIDEO: Larry Elder interview on Sacramento's Channel 10 News

In Larry Elder's August 23, 2021 interview with Channel 10 News in Sacramento, Elder took essentially the same position as Kevin Faulconer, John Cox, and Kevin Kiley -- he would permit local school districts and "local municipalities" to impose mask mandates. This is not what Elder promised on August 12, when he said he "will fight any and all vaccine and mask mandates at state and local level," and on August 10, when he said, "When I become Governor there will be no face mask or vaccine mandates -- any in place will be immediately revoked." (See Larry Elder documentation

Here's the video link for the relevant portion of the interview, which begins at 03:28:

ELDER: "I think this is America. And I think parents should make the decision of whether or not they want their children to wear a mask, and going to school, whether they want their children to be vaccinated. And I think private businesses should also make that decision. But as governor, if there are state-mandated masks and
state-mandated vaccinations or tests for people who have not been vaccinated and they're state workers, I'm going to repeal those."
REPORTER: "I know, I've seen your social media posts where you said you'd repeal it on day one. So I guess the next question is would you get in the way of local mandates, if a local school district wanted to impose a mask mandate?"
ELDER: "No, I would not -- I would recommend against it. I think local municipalities have a right to be foolish. I don't believe in rent control, for example, but I think that if a local municipality wants to impose rent control, they should have that right to do it. Private schools have made different decisions, and I would imagine local districts are going to make different decisions. But parents are also going to make their own decisions. And I think one of the reasons that we're having a greater push for choice in education, which I'm a proponent of, is because a lot of parents don't feel that their kids should be mandated to wear masks; don't feel that their teachers should be mandated to be vaccinated. And I think a lot of parents are going to be making decisions that are going to be very inconsistent with what school boards want. And I think it's going to cause more and more parents to push for choice in education. So there are consequences to pushing parents around and pushing children around. They're going to fight back."

August 20: VIDEO: Faulconer, Cox, Kiley debate in San Francisco

The August 19 candidate debate included three questions on vaccine and mask mandates:

1. Should the "Covine vaccine" be mandated for schoolchildren? Kevin Faulconer didn't directly answer, but John Cox and Kevin Kiley spoke in favor of vaccine exemptions. Kiley said for Californians objecting to vaccines for religious or personal belief reasons, "it's vitally important to protect their rights, 'cause that's who we are as a country" (video at 9:56). Cox said, "There's some people that have immune resistance issues and other issues associated with taking a vaccine like this, and their views should be respected; we're not a country that does mandates and forces vaccines on people" (video at 12:04).

2. Should school districts be allowed to mandate masks for children? Faulconer said he trusts "local health officials, local school districts working with parents to make that decision." Promising school districts continued power to mask children, he said, "We'll let them have that authority to do that" (video at 15:48). Cox also would allow school districts to mask children, saying, "I would favor local authority on this as much as possible ... I think local schools should have the ability to do it." (video at 14:14). Kiley said, "It's time to terminate the state of emergency. We've had a state of emergency here for about a year and a half, and I believe that the authority that is being claimed to do these mask mandates at all levels stems from the state of emergency, so I don't think it's an issue once the state of emergency has lapsed." Yet Kiley said he would not directly stop schools from masking children, saying, "I would not be actively denying them that opportunity, but I don't think it would be allowed -- that authority under current law -- once the state of emergency has been terminated." (video at 12:52).


(see video starting at 12:28) MODERATOR: Let's move on to mask mandates. Governor Newsom is requiring that all students and teachers wear masks indoors in all schools. Once again, all of you on this stage have made it clear you are opposed to mask mandates. Our question tonight: Would you allow local school districts to make that choice -- to mask or not to mask? Mr. Kiley, we'll start with you. You have 60 seconds.
KILEY: Well, in my view, it's time to terminate the state of emergency. We've had a state of emergency here for about a year and a half, and I believe that the authority that is being claimed to do these mask mandates at all levels stems from the state of emergency, so I don't think it's an issue once the state of emergency has lapsed. I'll note, on the issue of masks, that the United Kingdom, for example, has said 'we're not going to have masks required for elementary school students, because the harms to a child's development far outweigh whatever the benefits may be, which are not even very clearly established.' And, you know, it's almost certainly the case that those harms to development and other things associated with wearing a mask differ quite a bit from child to child, which is why we should put this decision in the hands of parents. And as one final point on this, is this wouldn't be as much of an issue if California would embrace school choice, as a lot of other states across the country are doing. That way, you know, parents, if they want to send their child to a school where masks are required, they can do so; if they prefer to send their child to a school where they're optional, they can do that. Which is why I'm supporting an initiative on next year's ballot to give school choice to parents and give them options. MODERATOR: I didn't hear you answer the question on whether or not you would allow local school districts to impose mask mandates on students. Can you give me a yes-or-no answer on that? KILEY: Yes, so the answer is that I would not be actively denying them that opportunity, but I don't think it would be allowed -- that authority under current law -- once the state of emergency has been terminated."

3. Should individual businesses be allowed to ask for proof of vaccination or require masks? Faulconer supported this, saying, "Private businesses should have that opportunity to do what they believe is best" (video at 18:20). Cox said he opposed the idea of businesses imposing vaccine verification or masks, but agreed businesses have that right. "A business should be allowed to do whatever they want in terms of service. No shoes, no service? If they certainly wish to make sure that people are vaccinated, they should have the right to do that. I would discourage any business from doing it; I think a business that does that probably is going to lose business and lose customers for the long haul. So I would lead the charge on advising them not to do that, and stay open to everybody that they can have come into their business." (video at 17:36). Kiley said the State doesn't have the right to dictate whether individual businesses can impose masks or vaccine verificiation, saying, "It's not clear to me that a governor would have the ability to tell them that they can't do that, in terms of how they operate their establishment. But what a governor certainly could do is roll back the steps that California is taking towards a government-mandated vaccine verification system." (video at 19:04).

Contrast this with Larry Elder's promise to "revoke" or "fight" "any and all" Covid-related government mandates at the "state and local level" (county, city, school district). See Larry Elder documentation

August 17: After suffering a heart attack, Doug Ose has dropped out of the race

Three Republican candidates to replace Newsom debate in Sacramento 
Reverse Newsom's "order" that school employees and health care worker be injected with the so-called "Covid vaccine"? Cox, Faulconer, and Kiley say YES to reversing it. But Faulconer said he'd permit county, city, and school officials to still mandate masks and jabs. Yet Kiley said local officials couldn't impose masks and jabs when Newsom's "state of emergency" is terminated. And Cox said he "might" prevent cities and counties from imposing vaccines, but would still permit school districts to require masks if they wanted.

August 16: Larry Elder's position on "vetoing abortion expansion bills" is changed from ? to YES based on a recent pro-life statement he's made. And in light of his candidate statement in the State's voter guide, Elder's position on "Oppose higher taxes, fees, and assessments, and work to lower them" changes from YES? to YES.

Caitlyn Jenner's position on "Deploy California’s National Guard troops to guard California-Mexico border" changes from ? to YES? based on the candidate's new statement.

From the California Secretary of State: Official Voter Information Guide | FAQs


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