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Here's where you can get reliable facts, perspective, and advice about voting for moral, social, fiscal values this important election. Since 1999, SaveCalifornia.com has been serving children and families. Let us help you vote with confidence!

This election, all California voters are being mailed vote-by-mail ballots. Many, but not all, California counties also offer in-person voting (see your county voter information guide or your county registrar of voters website for this option). Vote in person or drop off your ballot in person. Never let a stranger take your ballot.

Election Calendar

November 3, 2020: Election Day -- Polls open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (drop off your ballot or vote in person by 8 p.m. today, or make your ballot is postmarked and mailed by today)

Your ballot: To find physical polling places or ballot drop-off locations in your county, see your county's voter information guide mailed to you or visit the website of your county election office.

SaveCalifornia.com provides the following solely for educational purposes. Our pro-family, pro-child organization takes positions on ballot measures, yet our non-profit status does not permit us to support or oppose candidates for public office.

12 propositions on California's November 3, 2020 ballot:

This election in California, you have the chance to vote for liberty and public safety, and against all sorts of bad ideas.

The 3 good propositions are 20, 22, and 25 (but vote NO on 25 to "veto" SB 10).
Here are SaveCalifornia.com's pro-family, Bible-based recommendations:

Prop. 14 NO: $7.8 BILLION in taxpayer dollars for more research on embryonic stem cells (from aborted babies), which has been an utter, unethical failure. No more of our money!

Prop. 15 NO: As much as $12.5 BILLION every year in higher property taxes imposed upon owners of commercial and industrial properties, and costs handed down to tenants. This would obviously hurt California's jobs and economy all the more, grabbing a huge amount of money from both property owners and renters.

Prop. 16 NO: Would permit California government to engage in race- and sex-based discrimination in employment, schools, and public contracts. Would mean California devalues and hurts both men and certain races and ethnicities. Prop. 16 would eliminate Prop. 209 (approved by voters in 1996), which banned discriminatory "affirmative action."

Prop. 17 NO: Permits voting by as many as 40,000 convicted criminals who were released early (paroled) by Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom and the Democrat-run California Legislature. Is there any question of how these criminal minds would vote?

Prop. 18 NO: Permits 17-year-olds to vote in California primary elections. Deemed a child and legally irresponsible, giving them the privilege of voting is unnecessary and foolish.

Prop. 19 NO: Would hike property taxes by as much as $2 BILLION per year. These new taxes would be imposed on property transferred between parents and their children, mostly done through inheritance. Prop. 19 would abolish both Proposition 58 from 1986 (excludes from property tax reassessment most transfers between parents and children) and Proposition 193 from 1996 (if parents are dead, excludes from property tax reassessment most transfers between grandparents and grandchildren) unless recipient children live in the property as their primary residence for at least one year. Overall, this proposed constitutional amendment is part good and part bad. While stealing from family wealth, Prop. 19 also offers significant property tax protection to Californians ages 55+ who sell one primary residence and buy another anywhere in the state (current law only provides this 55+ protection for same-county transfers). Yet Democrat politicians put this on the ballot to grab a lot of money from families, so please vote no.

Prop. 20 YES: The tough on crime statutory initiative would restrict early parole for more violent crimes, and would permit more mostly non-violent crimes to be treated as felonies, rather than misdemeanors. This initiative would reverse much of the damage of foolish Propositions 47 and 57, along with the Democrat state legislators' AB 109, all of which kept criminal minds out of jail, out of prison, and in our communities to continue hurting others.

Prop. 21 NO: We've been here before when voters rejected statewide rent control in 2018. Rent control motivates more landlords to sell, which results in fewer rentals and higher rents, thus hurting more California individuals and families. Want to lower rent in California? Vote to eliminate or lower developer fees, prohibit environmental thresholds and lawsuits that are strangling many developers, and deport illegal aliens who have dramatically increased housing demand. All these ills are the Democrat politicians' doings.

Prop. 22 YES: The Democrat politicians are constantly destroying jobs and businesses, which is the socialistic, communistic way. Last year, the ruling Democrats passed AB 5 to eliminate many of the freedoms independent contractors previously enjoyed. So the popular app-based driving and delivery businesses DoorDash, Lyft, Uber, Instacart, and Postmates qualified for the ballot a statutory initiative to exempt their drivers from AB 5, permitting them to continue working with flexibility as independent contractors. Although this initiative won't protect all Californians, it would restore the liberties of some, which is still good.

Prop. 23 NO: We've also been here in 2018, when California voters rejected heavy regulation of outpatient kidney dialysis clinics. More of this life-saving treatment and the more outpatient clinics for people in need, the better. Yet Prop. 23 would have the effect of financially shutting down many small clinics, reducing treatment, and losing lives.

Prop. 24 NO: We're all for consumers' and families' online privacy and security, and oppose Big Tech and Big Government tracking you. However, Proposition 24 is complex and vague. Most of all, doesn't really solve a problem, but might create new problems. So, while we would rarely quote a liberal newspaper, this analysisby the bakersfield Californian explains it well: "California now has one of the toughest privacy laws in the nation. Let’s give it a chance to show what it can do. Prop. 24 is not needed. Vote NO." 

Prop. 25 NO: This good referendum to keep the cash bail system, if successful, will ensure most accused criminals show up their court hearings, instead of skipping town. The referendum aims to protect the bail system, which was eliminated by the Democrat-controlled California Legislature in 2018. Yet the private-company bail agents, threatened with extinction, worked hard to collect signatures to place the Democrats' bad law on hold. So keep and protect the bail system, you'll need to vote NO on 25 in order to reject and "veto" the Legislature's SB 10, which is our recommendation.

There's a lot to vote on. See more in the state government's voter information guide.

Why to oppose all local taxes, bonds, fees, and assessments

Graphic Money HouseSaveCalifornia.com knows that big government often robs people of personal responsibility and saddles working families, property owners, and small business owners with greater financial burdens. It's all because big government refuses to investigate and slash its own waste. Because of the influence of government unions and entrenched bureaucrats, independent, tough audits are simply not seen.

Therefore, we encourage you to vote no on any and all tax increases, tax extensions, bonds (which is borrowing money with interest, which is always more expensive than a direct tax), fees, and assessments.

It's pro-family to keep more of your hard-earned money, so it's pro-family to oppose wasteful government taking away more money from you and other Californians. Sneaky politicians like to take it incrementally, so you must consistently oppose even the smallest tax/bond/fee/assessment increases in order to inhibit the government from making you and your family poorer.  

INSIGHT: Beware of mailed voter guides...

Don't trust the "Republican voter guide" or "Democrat voter guide" sent in the mail. 

WHY? Its "endorsements" are paid by the candidates themselves! Look at the Fine print. Don’t rely on voter guides in the mail unless they are from a trusted, recognizable source. And unfortunately, those trusted sources are very few and far between, because even some pro-family voter guides are including pro-perversity Republicans as "pro-family" candidates. So you must do you own research to make informed decisions.

While SaveCalifornia.com does not support or oppose candidates, we provide links below to voter guides that list candidates’ positions on issues and scorecards of elected representatives' votes. These links speak for themselves and do not represent the views or opinions of SaveCalifornia.com.

3 best ways to see if candidates match your values

1. Enjoy researching online and locally

Your best research about candidates will be done by you. Go online and Google a candidate's name along with one search term at a time, such as: abortion, gay, LGBT, gun, taxes, parents, family, religious freedom, etc. Other good terms for 2020 are: reopen, lockdown, mask, etc. Then visit candidates' websites for their specific positions on moral issues and other issues important to you. Consider emailing the candidate to ask specific questions.

For city and county candidates, look at candidates' support or opposition to taxes, bonds, fees, lockdown, marijuana, etc. -- for all these are local issues too. If your your online research doesn't yield answers, you might ask the voting recommendations of a rock-solid conservative individual you know, or a organizational leader (such as a pro-life leader) or a rock-solid conservative elected leader's office.

For judicial candidates, visit their campaign websites to see whether they display endorsements that are bad, or whether they make statements that contradict abiding with written laws and original intent. Try asking a biblical Christian attorney in your area to confidentially tell you how he or she is voting on judges.

2. Learn from voting records and endorsements

Your second-best research is the actual votes cast by politicians currently in office (incumbents). So check out what organizations that both align with and oppose your values are saying. This will reveal what's important to you in a candidate.

You can search for candidates' names (including judicial candidates) here 
You can search for the names and records of incumbent members of Congress here 

'LGBTQIA+' and Union Endorsements

See candidates who support the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda:
» Equality California: Our Endorsements" 

See who's endorsed by union bosses (whether called an "association," "league," "union," or "guild"):

"Ever since industrial unions worked to reelect President Franklin Roosevelt in 1936, organized labor and the Democratic Party have worked together in U.S. politics. Unions provide votes, money, and volunteer time, and Democrats offer policy benefits when they take office." Source

"Total labor sector campaign contributions topped peaked during the 2016 election cycle, when groups and individuals poured more than $217 million into races nationwide. Almost 90 percent of those contributions went to Democrats, which is consistent with at least two decades of labor contribution trends." Source

"(6) Corporate or collective stealing. There are ways in which we can participate in a theft that is perpetrated by a group ... Labor unions quickly learned from the carnality and greed of big business. They, too, have stolen by the misuse of their power. By threatening a strike (or worse), which could economically destroy a company, unions have been able to demand wages and benefits for workers which they have not earned." Source


Why would any legislator vote to elevate Harvy Milk as a hero? And who is Milk? Harvey Milk was a sexual anarchist and a terrible role model for children.

Issue: California State Senate resolution to honor notorious homosexual activist Harvey Milk (SR 36 in 2019)

Senate yes votes-- 29 Democrats and 7 Republicans (Bates, Borgeas, Chang, Jones, Moorlach, Nielsen, Wilk)» SR 36 voting record (May 22, 2019) 

Issue: California State Assembly resolution to honor notorious homosexual activist Harvy Milk (HR 31 in 2019)

Assembly co-authors who also voted yes -- 57 democrats, 3 Republicans (Cunningham, Diep, Lackey), and 1 independent (Mayes) of the California State Assembly » HR 31 information (May 22, 2019)
Issue: SB 145 threatens more children by "exempting" sexual predators from accountability. This 2020 bill eliminates the requirement that a convicted sex offender be publicly identified as such when the perpetrator "is not more than 10 years older than the minor." This means a 24-year-old adult could molest a 14-year-old child, be convicted, and still molest all the more because local families won't be warned by a sex offender designation on the convicted perpetrator. SB 145 is authored by homosexual activist state senator Scott Weiner of San Francisco.

Votes: Passed the 40-member State Senate -- all 23 yes votes from Democrats. Passed the 80-member State Assembly by bare minimum of 41 yes votes, which came from 40 Democrats and 1 former Republican, now "independent," Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley. Signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Issue: SB 132 permits biological male inmates to declare themselves "women" and be housed with female prisoners. These declarations can be updated "at any time," so the number of sexual "changes" are endless. Prison guards will also be required to refer to biological men as "she" or "they" if the man declares himself to be "female" or "nonbinary." 

Votes: Passed the 40-member State Senate -- all 29 yes votes from Democrats. Passed the 80-member State Assembly with 52 yes votes, which came from 50 Democrats and 1 Republican, Tyler Diep of Orange County, and former Republican, now "independent," Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley. Signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Issue: AB 2218 creates the "Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund," which, once funded, will supply puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors, as well as cross-sex hormones and “sex-change” operations for adults. News story

Votes: Passed the 40-member State Senate -- all 28 yes votes from Democrats. Passed the 80-member State Assembly with the yes votes of 53 Democrats and 1 former Republican, now "independent," Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley. Signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, along with his pro-'LGBTQ+' news release

Issue: AB 3121 creates a racist committee to propose sending tax money to black Californians in the form of "reparations" for "racial injustice," despite slavery being abolished and outlawed in the 1860's. News story

Votes: Passed the 40-member State Senate with the yes votes of 28 Democrats and 5 Republicans (Patricia Bates, Andreas Borgeas, Ling Ling Chang, Brian Dahle, and Scott Wilk). Passed the 80-member State Assembly with only Democrats voting yes. Signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Issue: AB 979 will destroy personal merit and even trust between board members on California corporations that are publicly traded on the stock exchange. Elevating ethnicity or behavior over experience and expertise, the bill requires these corporate boards to include one or more directors "who self-identifies as Black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Native Hawaiian, or Alaska Native, or who self-identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender."

Votes: Passed the 40-member State Senate with the yes votes of 25 Democrats and 1 Republican (Ling Ling Chang). Passed the 80-member State Assembly with only Democrats voting yes. Signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Issue: AB 5 (2019) mandated that millions of California independent contractors become employees, denying them independent contracts and flexibility and eliminating many of their jobs and opportunities. Destroying the right to work and earn on your terms, AB 5, which went into effect in January, was the "opening act" for the destructive lockdown of 2020.

Votes: 29 Democrats of the California State Senate, and the 60 Democrats and 1 Republican (Tyler Diep of Orange County) of the California State Assembly voted yes on AB 5 in September 2019 to deny millions of working California the freedom to determine their own working contracts, destroying many California jobs. 


Here are independent pro-life recomendations and scorecards of incumbent state and federal legislators from California (note: some Republicans in these guides who are pro-life on abortion are also pro-perversity on "LGBTQIA+" bills):
Here are voting records for current officeholders in the U.S. House of Representatives:

» FRCAction Vote Scorecard 116th Congress (click California on the map, then type current U.S. Representative's name in the empty field)

» Eagle Forum U.S. House of Representative Scoreboard (in the empty field, type your zip code and click go; then scroll down and click your U.S. Representative's photo; then scroll down to see scorecard)

3. Voter Guide Links

Here is an independent statewide voter guide, which rates the candidates with 0-5 stars, even though some of the four- and five-star candidates have supported "LGBTQIA+" bills, and this guide doesn't reflect this anti-family agenda.

For Orange County voters, here are 4 independent voter guides you can peruse. Please note they recommend Ling Ling Chang, Young Kim, Janet Nguyen, and Phillip Chen, all who support the "LGBTQIA+" agenda. Therefore, make your own decision about who is truly pro-family.


For San Diego County voters, here's an independent voter guide. Please note it recommends Darrell Issa, who voted to support transgender treatments and surgeries in the U.S. military. Again, you decide.



Democrats & Republicans in their own words

What's the best way to know which party aligns with your values? Read their written Party Platforms of the national Democrats and Republicans. Take a look and choose a side:

» Party Platform Comparison 2020 (FRC Action)


A reliable voter guide on judicial candidates is not available this election, so you'll need to do your own research. Visit their campaign websites to see whether they display endorsements that are bad, or whether they make statements that contradict abiding with written laws and original intent. And try asking a biblical Christian attorney in your area to confidentially tell you how he or she is voting on judges.

State government-produced voter guide

» Official California State Voter Information Pamphlet

Thank you for being a responsible citizen and voting your conscience.

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