Pro-life Will To Live//


Pro-life "Will to Live" VS. "Living Will"

The medical establishment's disrespect for unborn life is now being matched by its disregard for the life of the elderly, the hospitalized and the disabled.

With the growth of and control exhibited by HMO's, patients are too often viewed as a financial liabilities rather than sacred creations of God with innate worth.

The "living will" that has become common can mean you will be dehydrated or starved to death should you fall into a coma or become brain-damaged. Food and water is natural and needed by everyone, and is entirely different from artificial machinery to keep you alive.

Protect yourself and those you love. Get your "Will to Live" »

This document has been developed for use in all 50 states by the National Right to Life Committee.

The Will to Live protects your own life and the lives of your family members when you cannot speak for yourself. The Will to Live:

  • Names someone you trust to safeguard your life when you cannot speak for yourself. Your personal "health care agent" will represent and advocate your pre-written instructions about the care you want and need.
  • Names backup agents if your first choice can't serve.
  • Describes the treatment you do and do not want to guide your health care agent and physicians.
  • Protects your family and health care agent from pressure from health care providers and others by allowing them to prove what you really did want.
  • Relieves the agony of decision making for them by making your wishes clear.

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