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Why and how to resign from the Union

If you're a union worker, it is highly likely that your money is being used to promote anti-family values.

Did you know that most unions use workers' money to promote homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, abortion and the sex industry?

Did you know that most unions spend workers' political dues funding candidates and ballot measures that attack religious freedom and parental rights?

Unions today are one of the biggest gorillas pushing immorality through government and the laws. They support liberal, anti-family politicians who promise to vote for more money for unions. This results in union members loving money more than moral values.

If you have a conscience and want to stop allowing your money to assault family values, now is the time to resign from your union. Thousands of people have done it.

You can resign from the union and still keep your job. There are laws prohibiting persecution of you if you don't join a union.

You need to know and claim your rights to be a moral citizen.  It starts with resigning from the union.  Here's how:

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Understand your right to stop the union from using your money for politics:

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Special section for teachers:

Unless parents object, teachers in the government school system may present instruction on virtues and religion. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to develop good character.

Education on virtues and religion can include appropriate instruction in the areas of academics, religious history, holidays, literature, symbols, music, art, drama, outside speakers, use of school facilities, clothing and jewelry. 

Teachers in public schools should also be aware of their right to stop the union from spending their dues on objectionable political purposes.

It is frequently the habit of unions to spend dues supporting anti-family candidates and ballot measures. Yet average teachers don't know they are facilitating anti-family values or how to resign from the union to protect their money and their conscience.

Learn more about your rights as a teacher:

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