SB 309: Oppose pro-abortion license plates


Oppose SB 309 -- Pro-abortion license plates

STATUS: On May 30, SB 309 create pro-abortion license plates passed the 40-member California State Senate with 28 "aye" votes and 12 "no" votes (voting "aye" were all 27 Democrats and 1 "Republican," Anthony Cannella of Modesto). See's May 17 news release.

SB 309 creates a pro-abortion “specialty license plate” to generate more money to kill pre-born babies. 



ACT NOW: Tell your own California state assemblymember who represents the district where you live, “Oppose SB 309 -- don't make abortion a specialty license plate. This bill is profoundly unfair."

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WATCH: See how is representing YOUR pro-life values by speaking out against pro-abortion license plates. Watch the short Sacramento TV news story below that aired on KCRA news. Or click here to view

From the KCRA story…

Opponents said the license plate is inappropriate for use, since pro-life plates have gotten nowhere in the state's Legislature.

"They won’t allow people who say, 'Babies are human beings in the womb' to have a license plate. But now they want to say, 'Let’s do a license plate to raise money to kill preborn babies,' and this is categorically unfair," said Randy Thomasson, who serves as president of Save California. "The Democrats are pushing this bill. They’re supposed to be for the weak and vulnerable, right? But this bill specifically says, 'We want money so we can kill unborn babies.' That’s where the money would go, for abortion and abortion-related services."